Mobile advertising with vinyl graphics

Mobile advertising has emerged as a highly effective means of promoting businesses, irrespective of their size. Among the various outdoor advertising methods, vehicle wraps stand out, offering unparalleled impressions per dollar. The design and installation of a vehicle wrap can generate hundreds of thousands of impressions monthly, translating to millions annually. This impressive exposure is a catalyst for expanding your customer base and boosting yearly business revenue.

Vehicle wraps excel in providing the lowest cost-per-impression rate compared to other advertising media. Not only are they affordable for large brands incorporating wraps as a core advertising strategy, but they are also accessible for small and medium-sized businesses. Unlike TV advertising, where viewers can switch off the message, a vehicle wrap displays your message continuously, acting as a 24/7 advertising tool. In today's competitive market, achieving customer awareness through traditional advertising is challenging, making it crucial to adopt extraordinary methods to stand out.

For a cost similar to a month-long billboard campaign (including printing and placement), you can invest in a distinctive vehicle wrap design that remains vibrant for three to six years. This one-time expense transforms your vehicle into a mobile advertisement, offering a continual stream of impressions per advertising dollar.

For larger companies, fleet vehicle wraps present an opportunity to amplify business exposure by 15 times compared to other advertising forms. Instead of limiting yourself to a single vehicle wrap, consider wrapping your entire fleet to generate millions of impressions monthly. Car wraps not only attract more potential customers at a lower Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) but also boast impressive statistics, such as reaching 85% of people across all income levels.

Key statistics supporting the effectiveness of vehicle wraps include:

  • Vehicle mobile marketing reaching 85% of people in all income brackets.
  • A vehicle wrap generating 20,000-70,000 impressions daily.
  • Fleet vehicle wraps enhancing business exposure by 15 times compared to other advertising methods.
  • Vehicle mobile marketing reaching commuters on highways, city streets, sidewalks, and when vehicles are parked.
  • Over 70% of commuters acknowledging reading graphics applied to vehicles.
  • The average driver covering more than 300 miles weekly, providing ample opportunities for potential customers to see your car wrap.
  • Vehicle graphics and car wraps being the fastest-growing form of advertising in the U.S., attesting to their proven success as a marketing strategy.